Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Links and News - getsetreadygogogo

  • If this story is true, it's an awesome example of what a can-do spirit and the Internet can accomplish.
  • I think this kitten actually did pretty well...
  • There is now a web site where women can pay to have access to eligible bachelors currently at or from Harvard. No, it's not Facebook.
  • The Indian government, not content to make RIM open up the BlackBerry to them, is going after Skype, Google Voice and VPNs. That last one, which opens up corporations to having their communications bought and sold by those who can bribe Indian government employees to spy on the VPNs, could turn the whole outsourcing to India thing into a self-correcting problem.
  • Concubinage starts to rear its head once more in the United States.
  • This is not how you write a setter method.
  • Google is offering a number of free programming courses, including ones on Android.
  • Why American culture has to reform before our government can.
  • Hating your countrymen is the new patriotism.