Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Currency? (Not Android Related)

A site I found going by is currently on it's way up there. They claim to be trying to bring a new form of E-Currency into the world close to that of a USD. They're currently in the "EarlyBird" stages, in which I guess it's more of a beta version of the website. All in all it looks pretty cool, there's surveys and job offers on the site etc.

From what I can tell you get 50$ for signing up, and an additional 20$ a day. (Not currently usable but from what I can tell it'll all be usable soon) If you're interested at all simply go to:

Check it out and tell me what you guys think?


  1. if you get a free 50 intarwebz bucks and then free 20 intarwebz bucks a day, the inflation must kill you...

  2. Yeah internet payoutz, will probably go under soon after launch, though I award their ambition.

  3. i wouldnt believe it man, check out my blog tho follow 4 follow